Florence European Council (Florence, 21 and 22 June 1996)

At the meeting of the European Council held in Florence on 21 and 22 June 1996, the Heads of State or Government of the Fifteen adopt a series of measures relating, inter alia, to employment, the reform of the labour market and aid for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With regard to food safety, they provide in particular for the gradual lifting of the ban on exports of beef and veal from the United Kingdom. Finally, the Council asks the Member States to ratify at an early date the Convention establishing the European Police Office (Europol) and the Protocol thereto.

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Quelle: Conseil européen de Florence. Florence: Conseil de l'Union européenne, 21-22/06/1996. Couleur.

Copyright: Service photographique du Conseil de l'Union européenne (c) Communautés européennes

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Florence European Council (Florence, 21 and 22 June 1996)