Cartoon by Pinatel on the Indo-China War (1954)

‘Bill. Carefully-prepared food, made by the successive leaders of the Fourth Republic. 92 000 killed, 114 000 injured, 28 000 prisoners and 3 000 billion spent. We are unable to give credit to our customers. Indo-Chinese soup. Bitter rice.’ In 1954, commenting on the end of the Indo-China War, the French cartoonist, Pinatel, emphasises the immense human and financial cost of the conflict (on the left as a waiter, Pierre Mendès France, French Prime Minister).

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: PINATEL, Pierre. Riz-Amer. In: PINATEL, Pierre.. La 3ème en pire. Paris: Georges Burnier. 1957. p.155.

Copyright: (c) Pinatel

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Cartoon by Pinatel on the Indo-China War (1954)