Cartoon by Haitzinger on perestroika (March 1988)

‘The womb from which the vile beast emerged is still fertile … (B. Brecht).' In March 1988, the German cartoonist, Horst Haitzinger, illustrates the threat posed by neo-Stalinists to the policy pursued by Mikhail Gorbachev, First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, for the introduction of a programme of political and economic reform — the basis of perestroika — in the Soviet Union.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: HAITZINGER, Horst. Haitzinger-Karikaturen, Eine Auswahl aus 30 Jahren. Oldenburg: Verlag der Nordwest-Zeitung Oldenburg, 1996. 127 S. ISBN 3-926795-04-2.

Copyright: (c) Horst Haitzinger

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Cartoon by Haitzinger on perestroika (March 1988)