Address by Michel Barnier entitled ‘The European urgency’ (Brussels, 8 November 2001)

On 8 November 2001, in Brussels, Michel Barnier, European Commissioner responsible for regional policy and institutional reform, gives an address on the forthcoming European Council meeting in Laeken in which he discusses the usefulness of the Treaty of Nice, especially with regard to the reform of the legal system, the protection of democratic values and the need to improve the mechanism of enhanced cooperation. He refers to the importance of political support for European integration in order to increase the democratic legitimacy of the European Union, enable the development of the European institutions and encourage financial solidarity between states and regions.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: RAPID. L’urgence européenne, SPEECH/01/520. Bruxelles: 08.11.2001, 6 p. .

Copyright: Union européenne

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