Address given by Baudouin I, King of the Belgians, on the self-determination of the Belgian Congo (Brussels, 13 January 1959)

On 13 January 1959, Baudouin I, King of the Belgians, makes a statement to the Chamber of Deputies in which he announces the Belgian State’s resolve to initiate a self-determination process in the Belgian Congo. In its news programme, RTL broadcasts an extract of this address before handing over to Maurice van Hemelrijck, Minister for the Congo and Ruanda-Urundi, who outlines the Belgian Government’s determination gradually to enable the Congolese people to take a decision on their political independence.

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Source: VAN HEMELRIJCK, Maurice et BAUDOUIN I, Roi Des Belges. Congo: allocution du roi Baudouin. Paris: RTL.
Photo: Baudouin 1er. Belga. Noir et blanc.

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Photo: (c) Belg Photo

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