‘The association of African states with the Common Market’ from Eurafrica (May 1968)

In the May 1968 edition of the monthly journal Eurafrica: Tribune du Tiers-Monde, published by the Eurafrican Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Belgian journalist and writer Raoul Crabbé speculates on the basis on which the Yaoundé Convention between the European Economic Community (EEC) and the Associated African and Malagasy States (AAMS) will be renewed.

Source and copyright

Source: CRABBÉ, Raoul. L’Association des États Africains au Marché Commun: Sur quelles bases sera-t-elle renouvelée après l’échéance du 31 mai 1969 ?. In: Eurafrica: Tribune du Tiers-Monde. 05-1968. N°5, 12e année, pp. 7-10. Kept in: Archives historiques de l'Union européenne. EM-Eduardo Martino, EM.C Commission exécutive. EM.C.C Afrique noire, Etats africains et malgache associés (EAMA). EM-182.

Copyright: Historical Archives of the European Union

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