Telegram from Maurice Dejean to Christian Pineau on the Soviet presence in the Near and Middle East (Moscow, 14 December 1957)

On 14 December 1957, Maurice Dejean, French Ambassador to Moscow, sends French Foreign Minister Christian Pineau a telegram in which he provides information about the Soviet presence in the Near and Middle East. The USSR has established strong positions in Egypt and Syria, where it is welcomed as the defender of the Arab cause. Maurice Dejean emphasises that the oil route, which is vital for Western Europe, may be cut off at any time. The USSR also seems to believe that it still has extensive possibilities in the Near and Middle East. There may begin to be more deliveries of Soviet weapons in the region than Western weapons, increasing the risk of incidents. It may be worthwhile implying to the USSR that the Western powers would not be opposed to talks if it appeared possible to reach agreement on the Near and Middle East. The Ambassador believes that one condition which is vital to contain the Soviet advance in the region is the pooling of all intelligence, experience and loyalties on the Western side.

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Source: M. Dejean, ambassadeur de France à Moscou, à M. Pineau, ministre des Affaires étrangères: Moscou, 14 décembre 1957, T. nos 4986 à 5002. Réservé. Dans: Ministère des Affaires étrangères. Commission de publication des documents diplomatiques français. Documents diplomatiques français: 1957, Tome II, 1er juillet-31 décembre. Paris: Imprimerie nationale, 1991. Numéro du document 445. pp. 903-906.

Copyright: (c) Ministère des Affaires étrangères de la République Française
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