‘Katharina Focke: “We shall not go it alone in Eastern Europe”’ from 30 Jours d’Europe (November 1971)

In November 1971, in an interview granted to the monthly journal 30 Jours d’Europe, Katharina Focke, State Secretary in the Chancellor’s Office responsible for the coordination of European policy, outlines the objectives of the Ostpolitik implemented by the Government of the FRG and links this policy to cooperation with the countries of Western Europe.

Source and copyright

Source: 30 jours d'Europe. dir. de publ. Fontaine, François ; RRéd. Chef Chastenet, Antoine. Novembre 1971, n° 160. Paris: Service d'information des Communautés européennes. "Nous ne ferons pas cavalier seul avec l'Europe de l'Est", auteur:Focke, Katharina , p. 11-12.

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