Faure report on the merger of the executive bodies (7 November 1960)

The question of merging the executive bodies is discussed at the November 1960 session of the European Parliamentary Assembly and more specifically at the annual conference with the Councils of Ministers of the European Economic Community, the European Coal and Steel Community and Euratom, based on the report drawn up by Maurice Faure. This report, produced on behalf of the Committee on Political Affairs and Institutional Questions, presents the merger of the executive bodies as a necessary ‘rationalisation measure’.

Source and copyright

Source: Commission européenne – Dorie – Rapport présenté au nom de la commission des affaires politiques et des questions institutionnelles sur la fusion des Exécutifs des Communautés européennes. [EN-LIGNE]. [Bruxelles]: Commission européenne, [01.11.2013]. 07.11.1960. http://ec.europa.eu/dorie/fileDownload.do?docId=346511&cardId=346511.

Copyright: Union européenne

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