Extract from minutes of the 99th meeting of the WEU Council (8 November 1957)

On 8 November 1957, the Council of Western European Union (WEU) meets to discuss Recommendation No 18, in which the Assembly asked the Council to provide it with information on the decisions taken in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). The Council recognises in principle the need to inform the Assembly on European defence matters. But in practice, the Council does not have sufficient information in the field of defence; it is dependent on the willingness of NATO to help. Jean Chauvel from France states that he must reserve the position of his government for the time being and that the transfer of powers from WEU to NATO would require something in return from NATO. Sir Anthony Rumbold from the United Kingdom suggests that the problem should be put to NATO as soon as possible to determine the best solution. The Council therefore decides to convene a working party to draft a communication to NATO on this question. With regard to the Assembly’s proposal, which could result in a second WEU Council, Sir Anthony Rumbold states that his Minister seems favourable to the idea and that, according to the United Kingdom NATO representative, this request for information should not raise any difficulties for the non-WEU members of NATO. Personally, Jean Chauvel considers that the procedure is not satisfactory and that it could be viewed negatively by those states since such an agreement would give seven Atlantic countries the exclusive privilege of receiving information. He therefore wonders whether the Council could act as an intermediary between NATO and the Assembly, referring any questions coming within the remit of NATO and their replies to the Assembly.

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Source: Council of the Western European Union. Extract from minutes of the 99th meeting of WEU Council held on 8 November 1957. CR (57) 28. pp. 5-11;[s.p.].

Archives nationales de Luxembourg (ANLux). http://www.anlux.lu. Western European Union Archives. Secretariat-General/Council’s Archives. 1954-1987. Relations with non member countries and other International Organisations. Year: 1957, 01/11/1954-31/12/1957. File 330.00. Volume 1/3.

Copyright: (c) WEU Secretariat General - Secrétariat Général UEO

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