‘The new Barroso Commission moves towards its investiture' from the Bulletin Quotidien Europe (9 November 2004)

In his editorial of 9 November 2004, Ferdinando Riccardi, Chief Editor of the Bulletin Quotidien Europe, is optimistic about the chances of the second proposed Barroso Commission receiving the approval of the European Parliament. He also reviews the cases of Commissioners Neelie Kroes and Franco Frattini.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: Bulletin Quotidien Europe. Dir. of publ. RICCARDI, Ferdinando ; Editor GAZZO, Marina. 09.11.2004, n° 8823. Brussels: Agence Europe. "The new Barroso Commission moves towards its investiture", auteur:Riccardi, Ferdinando , p. 3.

Copyright: (c) Agence Europe S.A.

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