Address given by Pierre Werner on the Benelux and the prospects of European financial policy (The Hague, 1 April 1968)

Commenting on the completion of the customs union between the Six, due to take place on 1 July 1968, Pierre Werner, Luxembourg Minister of State and President of the Government, gives an address to the Benelux Committee, meeting on 1 April 1968 in The Hague, in which he outlines the prospects of European financial policy for the Benelux.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: Bulletin de documentation. dir. de publ. Service Information et Presse - Ministère d'Etat. 30.04.1968, n° 4; 24e année. Luxembourg. "Benelux et les perspectives de la politique financière européenne ", p. 9-10.

Copyright: (c) Service Information et Presse du Gouvernement luxembourgeois

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