'A new European Community body: the Court of Auditors' from Revue du Marché commun (August-September 1997)

According to Sacchettini, an adviser to the legal department of the Council of the European Communities, the Court of Auditors, as established by the Treaty of 22 July 1975, is not an institution in the sense laid down by the Treaties and, within the institutional structure, it is at a similar level to the Economic and Social Committee. The author describes the Court of Auditors as an auxiliary body of an administrative nature, which assists the Assembly and the Council in the exercise of their duty as regards overseeing the implementation of the budget.

Quelle und Copyright

Quelle: Revue du Marché commun. Août-Septembre 1977, n° 209. Paris: Editions Techniques et Economiques.

Copyright: (c) Les Éditions Techniques et Économiques, 3, rue Soufflot 75005 Paris

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